Our association was founded in Kütahya in 1985 by Mustafa Altınkaya, Ramazan Cantürk, Süleyman Menteş, Saim Maltaş, .... It was established in Kütahya Center. 

       The aim of the association is to provide connections with our fellow countrymen in Turkey and around the world, to help our fellow citizens, 

        It aims to meet the various needs of the town and to provide communication and fusion of generations. 


        As of 2004, Birol AKDEMİR, Hüseyin KOÇYİĞİT, İbrahim GÖK, Naki KÖSE, Şerif ACAR (13 Years) and Zeynel ODABAŞ have been actively involved in the activities of the association for 16 years without interruption, as of 2020. 

        Birol AKDEMİR and Zeynel ODABAŞ served in the Longest Presidency and Vice Presidency in the History of the Association, and Hüseyin KOÇYİĞİT, İbrahim GÖK, Naki KÖSE and Şerif ACAR in the Longest Board Memberships. 


        Halil OYAN and Mustafa SARI have participated in our work in the last two terms. 


        Surgery, retirement, workplace arrangement, etc., of one of our fellow citizens in Kütahya.


       Our Recent Association Managers are in Akçaalan Town (2004-2020): 


       Rehabilitation of the cemetery and its surroundings, repair and refurbishment of the earthquake martyrdom monument, which has been a disgrace to the local governments for years, 2009, Removing the various deficiencies of the school, Iftar Meals, Picnics, Photo Safari for the Promotion of Akçaalan and Old Gediz, Short Message Service System, Facebook, and Martyrs The construction of the mosque. 


        Our association has played an important role in bringing our fellow citizens together with those who do not know each other through various meetings. 


         We would like to thank all our friends who have taken part in the Board of Directors during the establishment of our association.

Assocations in Town

Akçaalan Hunted Club

Akçaalan / Gediz / KÜTAHYA


Akçaalan Spor Club

Akçaalan / Gediz / KÜTAHYA  


Akçaalan Mosque Assocation

Akçaalan / Gediz / KÜTAHYA


Akçaalan Elementary School Assocation

Akçaalan / Gediz / KÜTAHYA  


Assocation Abroad

Akçaalanlılar Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Assocation

Hilfs-U. -Solidaritats e.V.der Akçaalanlılar migrantinnen und Migranten in DEUSTSCHLAND

President                                        : Fatih Tanrıkulu 

Vice President                              :  Ali Koşal
Tauben str. 14, 59192 Bergkamen-Rünthe
Hosue & G.S.M  : Tel:0049-(0) 2389-534 185 /  0173-637 44 74.