For many years people in the town didn’t anywhere outside the town, but in 1960’s because of the worker demands from Germany some people migrated ther. After that, when the Work ooportunities lessened because of the 1970 earthquake, migration increased.

           People migrated to Germany, Belgium, Nederlands, Finland in abroad, and Kütahya, Bursa, Manisa, İzmir and İstanbul. They work there as officers or tradesmen. People living in Akçaalan and Gediz constantly work in Markets, Textile Industry, Agriculture Orchards or other Trade Sectors.

           Especially in summer; cherry, apple and sour chery in auumn walnut commerce is very important for the economy of our town.

           In Gediz and Simav there aren’t  storage and stock opportunities, because of these reasons there is loss of cherry productioni There are Gidsaş Textile, Korkmaz Textile and Tela Factory, Textile workshops, Concrete Factories, Cold Blacksmith, Hot Blacksmith, Market, Barber Shop and a cafe in our town.