I got a lot of books to learn the craft of photography enamored of, I believe some of the books, the pattern did not help me at all. 

            Some are not bad. 

            Other books about photography I do not want to say bad actually, but I would recommend the following books in my library section of our courses and to the finest detail in the reading.


            Kütüphanemden   -    My library


            Dersler -Courses

            Dünya'dan Fotoğraf Albümleri - Photos Albums From Earth

            Türkiye'den Fotoğraf Albümleri - From Türkiye Photo Albums

            Gezdiğim Yerler - Place I Visit

            Hayal Şehri İstanbul - Imagine City İstanbul

            Sancak Beyliği  Şehri Kütahya - Flag Principality City Kütahya

            Özel Koleksiyon - Private Collectionn

            Yarışmalardan - Compentition Albums


            Mineral-Gemoloji - Mineral - Gemology